Erdogan Warns Israel Against Assassinating Hamas Members in Turkey

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has issued a stern warning to Israel, cautioning that it will pay a hefty price if it dares to assassinate members of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Turkey. This statement comes amid the ongoing conflict initiated by Tel Aviv in the Gaza Strip.

Erdogan emphasized Turkey’s significant strides in intelligence and security, stating that the world is well aware of the country’s capabilities in these domains. He affirmed that Hamas is a resistance movement fighting to protect its territory.

Addressing the future of Gaza, Erdogan asserted that Palestinians will determine it, and Israel must return to the occupied territories. He rejected discussions about forming a “buffer zone” in Gaza, deeming it a “lack of respect” for the Palestinians.

“These lands (Gaza) belong to the Palestinians, and the Palestinian people decide what will happen and who will govern them,” he declared.

Regarding a peace conference between Palestine and Israel, Erdogan expressed Turkey’s readiness to play a guarantor role and host the conference, provided there is a genuine willingness for peace.

Erdogan criticized Western support for Israel, stating, “If it weren’t for the support of all Western countries, especially the United States, we wouldn’t be witnessing such scenes in our region today.”

He accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of committing war crimes in Gaza, asserting that Netanyahu will not escape the consequences of his actions and will be held accountable for war crimes sooner or later.

Erdogan also highlighted Netanyahu’s current financial troubles, suggesting that he is on the verge of bankruptcy. He hinted that Netanyahu may raise the flag of bankruptcy at any moment, according to his assessment.

Since October 7, the Israeli military has been waging a destructive war on the Gaza Strip, resulting in 16,248 deaths, including 7,112 children and 4,885 women, as of Tuesday evening. Additionally, 43,616 people have been injured, and there has been extensive infrastructure damage, leading to an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, as reported by Palestinian and international sources.

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