Moscow Explores Formation of an “African Military Corps” to Succeed Wagner

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Reports indicate that the Russian Ministry of Defense is currently in the process of developing a new military unit, an “African Corps,” intended to succeed the notorious Wagner Group.

Against the backdrop of strained diplomatic relations following the July 26 coup in Niger, a Russian delegation led by the Deputy Minister of Defense has embarked on a significant visit to Niamey. This marks the first official visit by a Russian government official to Niger since the political upheaval. The delegation, headed by Colonel-General Iounous-bek Bamatguireïevitch Evkourov, was received on Monday by the leader of the Nigerien military regime, General Abdourahamane Tiani.

Following their meeting, both parties engaged in the signing of documents aimed at enhancing military cooperation between the Republic of Niger and the Russian Federation. This strategic move underscores Moscow’s interest in fostering stronger military ties with Niger, potentially paving the way for the establishment of a specialized military force referred to as the “African Corps.” This development is seen as a successor to the Wagner Group, a private military company with close ties to the Russian government.

The visit holds geopolitical significance, given the recent political turmoil in Niger and its impact on international partnerships. As Russia explores new avenues for military collaboration, the formation of an African Corps emerges as a focal point in reshaping regional dynamics. The coming together of these nations through signed agreements highlights the evolving nature of global alliances and the strategic maneuvering of key players in the international arena.

Soukaina Sghir

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