Chad: Intensified Mobilization as Both Camps Gear Up for Constitutional Referendum

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As the campaign for the constitutional referendum on December 17 gains momentum, the “yes” camp, led by Prime Minister Saleh Kabzabo, is actively organizing events to maximize participation in the upcoming vote. Concurrently, the coalition advocating for the “no” vote is urging the population to collect their voter cards, confident in the prevailing sentiment against the proposed constitutional amendments.

In cities such as Moundou, Bongor, Ati, Guelendeng, and Loumia, ministers have been conducting extensive tours since the weekend to advocate for the new Constitution.

Saleh Kebzabo, the prominent figure leading the “yes” coalition, is energetically touring the southern part of the country. Following visits to Sarh and Koumra, he was in Doba on Monday and is scheduled to proceed to Moundou on Tuesday.

In the upcoming week, he plans to extend his campaign to the central and northern regions, with the objective, according to a campaign official, of achieving a robust mobilization, aiming for up to “90%” participation and securing a “landslide” victory for the “yes” vote.

Traditional leaders are also actively engaged in the campaign. In a video message, the Sultan of the Zaghawas urged followers to “stand by President Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno” and denounced federalism as a “diabolical idea propagated by those who wish ill upon the country.”

Despite accusations of separatism, proponents of the “no” vote remain steadfast. They held two rallies in the 7th district over the weekend. Brice Mbaïmon, the national coordinator, asserts that the rejection of the proposed constitutional changes is the prevailing sentiment among the populace.

Before embarking on regional tours, Mbaïmon encouraged voters to collect their cards, emphasizing that abstention, advocated by some opposition figures, indirectly supports the “yes” campaign. As Chad braces for this critical referendum, both camps are intensifying efforts to secure support for their respective positions.

Soukaina Sghir

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