Homosexuality.. Animated Debate Emerges in Benin on the Issue

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A contentious topic has ignited public debate since November 30th, homosexuality. The controversy originated from an oral question posed by an opposition member of parliament to the government regarding the inclusion of homosexuality topics in school curricula.

The dispatched minister promptly denied the claims, sparking a highly followed and discussed debate among Beninese citizens. While there is no specific law in the country prohibiting homosexuality, Benin’s cultural norms do not readily accept it.

The issue at hand revolved around a current affairs question related to the integration of homosexuality into school programs. The topic stirred online discussions, with a majority expressing disapproval.

On November 30th, before the parliament, Minister of Secondary Education Chabi Kouaro moved quickly to defuse and clarify the situation.

“It’s disinformation and misinformation. In the study programs in Benin, there is no discussion of teaching homosexuality in our schools. However, what the government has introduced is education on sexual health.”

Currently, there is no legislation in Benin explicitly prohibiting homosexuality.

However, the minister cautioned, “Those who engage in it have made their choice. They should live with their choice, but imposing it subtly or directly on others must be combated.”

The author of the question even proposes censoring television programs that promote homosexuality: “Television programs that go against the practices and culture of our country should be banned on our channels,” declares Nourenou Atchade, a member of the Les Démocrates party.

Acknowledging the relevance of the proposal, the minister pledges, “We will work on it.”

Soukaina Sghir

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