Cameroon: Opposition Party PCRN Congress Banned in Kribi

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Opposition figure Cabral Libii denounces “provocation and persecution” following the suspension of his party, PCRN’s congress authorization. The congress was scheduled to take place from December 15 to 17 in Kribi (South). PCRN intended to gather its members and renew its leadership,

with an eye on the 2025 elections. However, the sub-prefectural authority decided otherwise late last week, citing “internal dissensions” within the party, “capable of disturbing public order” as the reason. This alludes to the legal action initiated by the founder of PCRN, who claims to want to reclaim his party.

Cabral Libii vows to use all available legal avenues to challenge the decision of Kribi II sub-prefect, Marie Suzanne Bitanga Bebga. According to him, his predecessor Robert Kona’s complaint cannot justify the prohibition of his congress.

The first hearing did not take place; it is scheduled for January 4 in the Far North in Kaélé, the first instance court of the Mayo-Kani department, over a thousand kilometers from Kribi.

According to Cabral Libii, public order in the port city was not threatened by PCRN’s congress, but it served as a pretext used by the administration. “First, we will exhaust all legal avenues available, but we have also undertaken political steps with those within this state apparatus who are also outraged by this kind of belittlement in a democracy and who believe that Cameroon deserves better.”

As a reminder, a month before the Kribi congress in mid-November, PCRN co-founder Robert Kona filed a complaint in Kaélé. He seeks to annul the May 11, 2019, Guidiguis congress, during which he handed over the presidency of his party to Cabral Libii. His status as the honorary national president is no longer sufficient for Robert Kona, who wants to reclaim the presidency of his party because Cabral Libii did not adhere to the terms of their agreement. “He does not consult me on all important decisions; we do not communicate.”

Soukaina Sghir

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