Nino Crisis Prompts Emergency Cabinet Meeting in Kenya

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Nino Crisis Prompts Emergency Cabinet Meeting in Kenya

In response to the escalating effects of the relentless rains and flooding, President William Ruto called for an urgent Cabinet meeting on Saturday, November 25. The severe weather has claimed the lives of at least 70 people, with over 36,000 households displaced, prompting the government to strategize intervention measures.

“We have concluded a meeting of various multi-agency teams that are involved in assessing, managing, and providing leadership on the current situation in the country. The rains have resulted in an emergency situation in Kenya,” noted President Ruto.

The Meteorological Department has issued warnings that the rains are expected to persist, necessitating preparations for the ensuing emergency. President Ruto emphasized the need for both short and long-term measures to address the ongoing crisis.

Among the immediate short-term interventions is the deployment of Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) to airlift supplies to flood-affected regions. With numerous roads impassable due to flooding, air services provided by the KDF offer a swift disaster response.

“I have instructed KDF to provide their air services to airlift any commodities required in different parts of the country, and I have been assured that will be rolled out immediately,” President Ruto stated.

In addition to the aerial response, all road contractors in the country will be mobilized for emergency efforts to ensure the clearance of clogged roads and facilitate the transportation of aid.

The government’s proactive measures aim to mitigate the immediate impact of the crisis while acknowledging the necessity for long-term strategies to address the challenges posed by the ongoing heavy rains and flooding across Kenya.


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