Liberia: President-Elect Joseph Boakai Pledges Unity and Rural Development

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Joseph Boakai

Joseph Boakai declared the winner of the presidential election by the electoral commission on Monday, delivered his first national address on Wednesday afternoon in Monrovia. During this inaugural speech, Joseph Boakai emphasized unity and pledged to develop rural communities.

Facing the press alongside his campaign team, Boakai began by acknowledging George Weah, the outgoing president, who conceded defeat before the official announcement of results by the electoral commission.

Boakai then addressed all Liberians, emphasizing the need to come together for national reconstruction. The president-elect expressed his commitment to rural development, particularly in the southwest region.

He also promised a transparent governance of public affairs, stating, “I promise to set an example. I promise that Liberia will benefit all citizens. The state will never again be used as a tool for predation by a few individuals at the expense of the majority. We promise to establish a participative decision-making team, where rural communities will be involved in the decision-making process.”

Additionally, Boakai pledged to initiate reforms in the security and justice sectors to alleviate families affected by suspicious disappearances in recent years.

Joseph Boakai commenced collaboration with George Weah by establishing a transition team to ensure the continuity of handling current affairs until his inauguration scheduled for January 24, 2024.


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