ICC Strengthens Bid to Renew Case Against Fugitive Ugandan Warlord Kony

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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The Judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) provided significant support to the prosecution’s endeavors in seeking a hearing on the charges intended for fugitive Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, even in his absence.

Joseph Kony, the founder and leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), holds the distinction of being the International Criminal Court’s longest-standing fugitive. In 2005, an arrest warrant was issued against him, encompassing 33 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In a provisional ruling, the judges determined that prosecutors are permitted to submit a public document detailing the charges they seek to bring against Joseph Kony.

As per the ruling, after the document is submitted, the judges are obligated to take measures to notify Joseph Kony of the charges against him before considering a confirmation of charges hearing in absentia.

Last year, ICC prosecutor Karim Kahn formally requested a hearing in the case, aiming to provide a “meaningful milestone” for the victims and to present the substantial evidence amassed against Joseph Kony by his office.

Mouad Boudina

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