New Members Unveiled for the Moroccan Academy

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Moroccan Academy

The recently announced roster of new members for the Moroccan Academy comprises prominent personalities from Morocco and around the globe. Recognized as the “preeminent intellectual institution” in the kingdom, the academy is tasked with being a catalyst for all realms of thought and culture in the country, fostering the care and promotion of Moroccan culture.

Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan presided over the inauguration ceremony, reading a royal message entrusted to the academy in 2015 by Abd al-Jalil al-Hajmari, with the additional responsibility of assistant secretary assumed by Mohamed Al-Kettani.

Among the resident members are distinguished individuals such as Abdel Fattah Kilito, Ahmed Shahlane, Abdel Salam Bin Abdulali, Abdel Ahad al-Sabti, Rahma Burqia, Ahmed al-Khmlishi, Moulay Ismail Alawi, Halima Farhat, Aziza Benani, Assia Bensalah Alawi, Abdelouahab al-Filali Ansari, Ahmed Bokous, Mohammed Knbib, and Abdullah Al-Owaina.

The list also includes Mohammed Ashari, Asmaa Al-Marabet, Mohammed al-Sharqi, Najia Hajaj Hussaini, Mohammed Lulishki, Idris Kraoui, Mohammed Amin Bin Abdullah, Hassan Rashiq, Mohammed al-Saghir Jengar, Mohammed Nour al-Din Afiya, Shqib Ben Musa, Najat Majid, Ali Ben Makhloof, and Omar Boum.

Representing 19 countries, participating members include Suleiman Bashir Dian, Abdel Majid al-Sharafi, Susan Kielson Miller, Daniel Rifeh, Aziz Ismail, Jerome Clement, Ayad bin Ashour, Elizabeth Ghigo, Pascal Lamy, Alioun Sall, Nkoxana Moyo, Ghassan Salami, Kevin Reinhardt, and Mansaf Bin Abdul Jalil.

Honorary members, both new and seasoned, include Henry Kissinger, Abd al-Latif Bin Abdul Jalil, Ahmed Dabbib, Mohammed Alal Sinasir, Mohammed Shafiq, Amado Matar Mbo, Idris Khalil, Abbas al-Jarari, Mohammed Farooq al-Nabhan, Eduardo Romano Di Arantes Oliviera, Idris Alawi Abdulawi, Hassan bin Talal, Habib Al-Maliki, Idris al-Dhak, Mani Saeed Al-Atibah, Omar Aziman, Andre Azulay, Mohammed Jaber Ansari, Hussein Wakak, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

The Moroccan Academy, established in 1977 and reorganized in 2021 by Law No. 74.19, incorporates the Royal Institute for Research into Moroccan History. Under its renewed structure, it includes the “Academic Institute for the Arts” and the “Higher Academic Institute for Translation.”

The Academy’s responsibilities encompass contributing to the intellectual, scientific, and cultural progress of the kingdom. It aims to define the components of national identity and promote universal values and principles for intercultural dialogue. The Academy also presents proposals or recommendations to public authorities and bodies, encourages national and international intellectual and scientific energies, and organizes forums for academics worldwide to facilitate communication.

In its role, the Academy is instrumental in promoting cultural heritage, encouraging cultural creativity, and organizing meetings to foster dialogue and understanding between cultures. It plays a vital part in supporting educational, cultural, and scientific activities, contributing to the development of knowledge and intellectual and artistic creativity, and translating relevant works into its domain.

The inclusion of such esteemed figures in the Moroccan Academy underlines its commitment to intellectual enrichment, cultural advancement, and the dissemination of knowledge within the Kingdom and on the global stage.

Soukaina Sghir

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