Historic Meeting Between Mahamat Idriss Déby and Opponent Succès Masra 

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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In a landmark encounter at the presidential palace on Monday morning, Chadian transitional leader Mahamat Idriss Déby officially met with his principal opposition figure, Succès Masra, for the first time since Masra’s return to the country on November 3rd.

Described by Didier Mazenga Mukanzu as a “formal and symbolic presentation of reconciliation” following the tragic events of the “Black Thursday” on October 20, 2022, which compelled the leader of the Transformers party to leave the country, this meeting marked a pivotal moment in Chadian politics.

The Congolese minister, serving as a special envoy for President Tshisekedi, observed the exchanges and reported a “very cordial” atmosphere, where both leaders addressed each other as “brothers” and acknowledged their respective responsibilities. For the ruling power, ensuring the security of Succès Masra was a priority, while the opposition leader committed to ongoing dialogue with the authorities.

“This face-to-face meeting aimed to materialize what had been initiated through remote facilitation,” explained the president of the Transformers party. Succès Masra, known for his metaphorical expressions, reiterated his goal to “echo the people, who are the co-pilots of the transition, and help them navigate through turbulence to land at the airport of democracy,” signifying transparent elections next year to conclude the transition.

Masra intends to “propose solutions” and initiate a “comprehensive” dialogue, bringing to the table those who have remained on the sidelines of the transition, including the politico-military factions not signatory to the Doha agreement.

According to authorities, a participant in the meeting noted that Succès Masra demonstrated a “constructive” approach and expressed gratitude for the conditions of his return. The official presidential statement highlighted the transformation in the relationship, stating that while dialogue with the Transformers party seemed difficult or even impossible a few months ago, current discussions have successfully overcome divergent views. The statement poetically emphasized the prevailing love for the country and the shared desire for the renaissance of Chad.

Following a preliminary meeting in Ndjamena on Sunday, Succès Masra plans to extend his engagements to provinces, specifically Moundou and Abeché. His position on the constitutional referendum scheduled for December 17, with the official campaign set to commence on Saturday, November 25, remains eagerly anticipated.

Soukaina Sghir

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