Comorian Journalists Seek to Establish Healthcare Mutual Fund

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In a bid to address the challenging living conditions and inadequate healthcare coverage faced by Comorian journalists, the National Union of Journalists in Comoros (SNJC) organized a solidarity concert on Saturday, November 18, in Moroni. The primary goal was to raise funds for the establishment of a health mutual fund specifically designed for Comorian journalists.

Many of them struggle to make ends meet and afford necessary medical care with their insufficient salaries. The SNJC aims to put an end to the practice of launching crowdfunding campaigns for medical expenses and, for the first time in the history of Comorian media, create a mutual fund.

In the Comoros, a significant number of journalists working in the public sector earn less than 200 euros per month, while those in the private sector lack a fixed income.

During the event, the president of the SNJC showcased her musical talents, emphasizing the financial challenges faced by journalists in the Comoros.

Faïza Soulé Youssouf, the president of the SNJC, highlighted the importance of collecting funds for one, two, or three years and exploring ways to ensure the sustainability of this medical coverage.

Faïza Soulé stressed that such coverage is crucial for the well-being, dignity, and independence of journalists. The SNJC plans to continue advocating for this cause and engage with the public authorities to secure a lasting health mutual fund.

The initiative has received positive responses from citizens, urging massive support. Journalists are also calling on the government for increased support and resources. Binti Mhadjou, a journalist at ORTC, the national television station, emphasized the need for government support in training journalists, as enhanced skills contribute to the proper execution of their duties.

Beyond financial assistance, obtaining adequate health coverage is seen as a means for Comorian journalists to resist the temptation of corruption and maintain their independence, especially as the upcoming election period unfolds. The initiative stands as a step towards ensuring the well-being and professional integrity of journalists in the Comoros.

Soukaina Sghir

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