Spanish Media Reacts to Morocco’s Apache Helicopter Manufacturing

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The recent announcement by the American company Boeing about the initiation of the manufacturing process for 24 Apache AH-64E helicopters in Morocco has drawn significant attention from the Spanish media. Reports suggest that Morocco’s reinforcement of its attack capabilities with the Apache helicopters poses a threat to Spain’s military dominance in the region.

While Morocco’s rearmament is seen as part of the ongoing competition with Algeria, the deal for Apache helicopters has potential implications for Spain’s military superiority. The Spanish press also highlights Morocco’s possession of the deadly and advanced AH-64E helicopters, emphasizing the strategic modernization of its combat aviation capabilities.

The article further explores the significant features of the Apache helicopters, including their ability to detect 256 targets simultaneously, a speed of 300 km/h, and powerful tank-killing capabilities.

The report concludes by discussing the potential impact of Morocco’s missile capabilities, such as the Hmimars missiles, on Spanish territories, especially in regions like Sebta, Melilla, and the Canary Islands.

This move is seen as part of Morocco’s efforts to pressure Spain in its relations with Algeria. The Spanish military-focused websites acknowledge Morocco’s genuine commitment to upgrading its military system and foresee a stronger focus on developing advanced local defense industries.


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