Curva Sud Magana’s Artistic Tapestry: Unveiling Sporting Allegiance

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Curva Sud

Each ultra-group is distinct in its way of spreading joy and conveying messages. For example, during a match on March 31, 2023, against the Tanzanian team, Simba FC, Curva Sud Magana (the curva’s name where Ultras Eagles 06 and Ultras Green Boys 05 stand) chose to display three completely different Tifos, yet they all have a common meaning and interconnected with one another.

The first “Tifo” contains a huge white Latin phrase Tabula Rasa, which is a theory theorized by the English philosopher, John Locke. According to Locke, the human mind is a blank tablet, Tabula Rasa, which means that our mind since our birthday is replenished and developed through new experiences that design one’s thoughts, personality, choices, and bearings. In this sense, Curva Sud Magana symbolizes with the tifo that a Rajawi, since his birth, has played with a ball wherever he is.

Therefore, he carries on his family’s tradition of supporting Raja Casablanca and begins to forge strong connections with the color green. Beneath the tifo, an English message reads, “You put a spell on me and I’m yours,” underscoring the significance of the initial tifo and its connection to the many experiences the individual has had with Raja Casablanca since childhood. This deep bond reflects the family’s enduring passion for Raja Casablanca.

Alternatively, even going to the stadium, as if Raja bewitches a mascot on him, which makes it his lover. That is what is symbolized in the second tifo, which is the face of sorcery holding a grimoire and captivating an incantation on a child wearing a green shirt, who represents all Rajawis. This tifo emphasizes the message and the first tifo’s meaning.

The third Tifo, however, portrays two famous figures in Moroccan football. On the right, is the face of a former Raja Casablanca player named Mustapha Moustawadaa. Thus, on the left, the face of Raja founder Mohammed Ben Lahcen Affani, known as Pére Jego, father Jego. Meaning that their allegiance to Raja started with its founder. Hence, Curva Sud Magana sends a motivational message to the players that they have to do like the 1995 generation by bringing the title to Casablanca.

These three Tifos show how Curva Sud members share their knowledge about philosophy and their teams’ history. Therefore, they are a reflection of their creativity in presenting a topic through rising squared plastics forming artistic choreographies, that uphold a symbolic message.

Mohammed Zouazou

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