Bazaarvoice Strengthens Creator Marketing Arm with Acquisition

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Bazaarvoice Strengthens Creator Marketing Arm with Acquisition

Bazaarvoice has bolstered its creator marketing capabilities with the acquisition of, a move reflecting the evolving landscape of consumer behavior. Consumers are increasingly relying on social platforms and peer recommendations, prompting Bazaarvoice to offer a comprehensive “content supply chain” solution across the entire shopper journey.

CEO Keith Nealon emphasizes the need for a full-funnel platform, capturing consumers from product discovery on social media to the final purchase phase. specializes in managing relationships with creators, a term encompassing individuals incentivized to create content for brands or causes, including influencers. This acquisition positions Bazaarvoice to efficiently integrate creator-generated content, acknowledging the growing influence of creators in shaping brand perception.

With an emphasis on the micro-nano creator segment, characterized by subject matter expertise and authenticity, Bazaarvoice aims to enhance conversion rates by leveraging real, relatable voices.

The move comes as brands grapple with authenticity challenges in a crowded digital space, turning to creator marketing as a reliable strategy. The trust deficit associated with branded content prompts brands to tap into the credibility that everyday shoppers and brand ambassadors bring to the content creation process.

Bazaarvoice’s acquisition positions it as a leader in the dynamic landscape of creator marketing, offering brands a comprehensive solution for modern consumer engagement.

Looking ahead, creator marketing is poised to become a cornerstone of the modern marketing mix, responding strategically to the evolving shopper journey. Bazaarvoice anticipates a paradigm shift, recognizing creator marketing not just as a subset but as an integral component.

As the industry matures and privacy concerns shape digital landscapes, the platform’s forward-looking approach positions creator marketing as a resilient strategy, reinforcing its commitment to driving results throughout the shoppers’ journey.


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