Liberia: Final Day of Campaigning Ahead of a Tight Runoff

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Today marks the end of the campaign period before the presidential runoff that is scheduled to take place on Tuesday. The two candidates vying for the presidency are the incumbent, George Weah, and former Vice President Joseph Boakai, who served under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. In the first round of voting, Weah received 43.83% of the vote, while Boakai received 43.44%.

The atmosphere during this final leg of campaigning is notably more subdued compared to the initial round. Last October saw multiple elections at play, with a plethora of “minor” candidates bringing vibrancy to the streets of the capital nearly every day.

The dynamics have shifted significantly for the runoff. Only two posters adorn the walls of the capital: one featuring George Weah, the sitting president, and the other showcasing Joseph Boakai, the challenger closely trailing his rival.

Unlike the initial round, there have been no major rallies in this runoff campaign. Tensions have been minimal, and no violence has been reported in recent weeks, a departure from the first-round campaign that witnessed at least four fatalities.

As the final day of campaigning unfolds, Monrovia gradually comes to life in the afternoon. Numerous supporters, adorned in blue T-shirts and red berets, converge on foot from downtown to Congo Town, where the CDC headquarters is located. With blaring music and escorted by motorcycles, they brave the scorching heat.

Among them, Tiana, a young supporter, expresses her endorsement for continuity: “I would like Weah to increase salaries and create jobs for the youth.” Wearing a blue suit, George Weah arrives on foot at the stage and pledges to continue his initiatives. His flagship policy: free education. He strongly encourages newly eligible voters to cast their ballots on Tuesday.

Soukaina Sghir

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