Protesters in Paris Demand Release of Niger President Mohammed Bazoum

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Mohamed Bazoum

A small group of demonstrators gathered at Place de la République in Paris, demanding the release of President Mohammed Bazoum and a return to republican order in Niger. The demand, originating from France, is led by the Liberation Collective, with approximately ten protesters calling for action.

Amoumene Haidara, the secretary-general of the Liberation Collective, emphasized the challenges of making such demands within Niger, stating, “We are fortunate to be in a country that respects democracy, a chance that the Nigeriens do not have.” He expressed concern over the restriction of freedom of expression and the erosion of republican values due to the actions of the coup leaders.

Despite the military junta participating in its first international summit this week, the Liberation Collective remains steadfast in its message. Ahmed Oumada, a former Nigerien parliamentarian currently in exile, underlined the group’s stance, saying, “Until Bazoum is brought before justice by the authorities who staged the coup in Niger, we will only recognize Mohamed Bazoum as the president, and so far, ECOWAS has not lifted its sanctions.”

While sanctions remain in place, the junta has been actively forging new connections. Prior to the Riyadh summit, the military leaders announced an agreement with the Saudi Development Fund, indicating their determination to engage in international relations despite the ongoing controversy surrounding President Bazoum’s detention.

The situation continues to unfold as the international community watches closely for developments in Niger and the actions of the military junta in response to growing pressure both domestically and abroad.


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