Cameroon: Parliamentary Session Opens with Weakened Speaker

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Amid reports of severe illness and weakness following allegations from some deputies regarding the management of the National Assembly’s budget, Cavayé Yeguié Djibril, the Speaker of the institution, was present at the opening of the last parliamentary session of the year on November 10. Despite his presence, the session, primarily focused on examining the budget for the next fiscal year, opened amidst controversies and uncertainties.

One major uncertainty revolved around the presence or absence of Cavayé Yeguié Djibril in his position as the Speaker. In recent weeks, alarming rumors circulated about his health as he has been secluded in his village, Mada, in the far north of the country for months. This move has kept him away from the rumors of business dealings and malpractices increasingly emanating from the National Assembly. Some deputies, including those from the majority, claim that he has lost control of the situation.

Defying Predictions

Nevertheless, Cavayé Yeguié Djibril defied predictions by making the trip to Yaoundé and presiding over the opening of this session, where he delivered a speech. However, some deputies reported finding him less energetic. In the coming weeks, until December, the work of the deputies will be primarily focused on the examination and adoption of the next budget law.

Restoring Serenity

Within the National Assembly itself, Cavayé Yeguié Djibril will also aim to restore a minimum level of serenity in the functioning of his office. There is significant confusion regarding the identity of the person supposed to lead it. In recent hours, the usual occupant of the position has been dismissed and then reinstated by statements bearing the stamp and signature of Cavayé Yeguié Djibril himself. This has led to considerable confusion within the organization.

Soukaina Sghir

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