Algeria and Mali Forge Pharmaceutical Partnership

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Algeria and Mali Forge Pharmaceutical Partnership

Algeria and Mali are in the process of drafting a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at mutual recognition in the registration and commercialization of pharmaceuticals. The Ministry of Industry and Pharmaceutical Production issued a statement confirming this collaborative effort to streamline the registration and commercialization processes for Algerian medicines.

The MoU is expected to bring a fresh impetus to pharmaceutical cooperation and partnership between the two countries, reducing registration and commercialization timelines.

The announcement was made during the visit of Drifa Khoudir, the Secretary-General of the Ministry, to the Algerian pavilion at the 2nd edition of the “Keneya Expo 2023” international health exhibition in Bamako.

The MoU’s mutual recognition between Algeria and Mali is anticipated to expedite the registration and commercialization of Algerian medicines, fostering a new phase of cooperation in the pharmaceutical sector. The Secretary-General emphasized the opportunity for participants to establish partnerships, extending beyond commercial aspects to investments in pharmaceutical production.

Khoudir urged stakeholders to capitalize on their presence in Mali to forge partnerships at both bilateral and continental levels. The emphasis was on partnerships extending beyond commerce to investments in pharmaceutical production, facilitating the introduction of Algerian pharmaceutical products to regional and continental markets.

The Algerian pavilion at “Keneya Expo 2023” featured 19 major operators and producers in pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

During her visit, Khoudir reaffirmed the ministry’s and the National Pharmaceutical Products Agency’s (ANPP) support for pharmaceutical producers, ensuring the necessary facilities for export operations to spur sector growth and investment dynamics.

In parallel, discussions between Khoudir and Al Kaidi Amar Touré, the Secretary-General of Mali’s Ministry of Communication, Digital Economy, and Modernization of Administration, focused on avenues to enhance Algerian-Malian cooperation, particularly in digitization within the pharmaceutical industry.

Talks addressed serialization for absolute drug traceability and stock management platforms to monitor availability. The Malian side expressed readiness to explore cooperation avenues, particularly in startups, postal services, and telecommunications with Algeria. This collaborative effort signifies a step forward in pharmaceutical collaboration between Algeria and Mali, promising advancements in the industry and bolstering ties between the two nations.


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