World’s First Whole Eye Transplant Successfully Conducted in the US

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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A team of surgeons in New York has achieved a historic medical breakthrough by performing the world’s first whole eye transplant. Although it is yet to be determined whether the recipient will regain his sight, the procedure marks a significant advancement in medical science.

The groundbreaking surgery involved the removal of part of the face and the entire left eye of a donor, which were then transplanted onto a line worker from Arkansas. This individual had survived a harrowing 7,200-volt electric shock in June 2021 when his face came into contact with a live wire.

Aaron James, 46, suffered extensive injuries from the incident, including the loss of his left eye, his dominant left arm above the elbow, his nose and lips, front teeth, left cheek area, and chin.

Following the accident, he was referred to NYU Langone Health, a prominent medical center specializing in facial transplants. The groundbreaking procedure took place on May 27.

Transplanting an entire eye has long been a coveted goal in medical science. While researchers have achieved some success in restoring partial vision in mice, this surgery marks the first time it has been performed on a living person.

Eduardo Rodriguez, the lead surgeon, who conducted the 21-hour operation, referred to the patient’s experience as a “second chance at life.” The surgical team used 3D cutting guides to precisely remove segments of bone from the donor and transplant them into Mr. James.

This remarkable achievement has opened up new possibilities for medical science and offers hope to individuals facing similarly devastating injuries. While the patient’s journey to recovery continues, this groundbreaking surgery is a testament to the remarkable progress in the field of transplantation and regenerative medicine.

Soukaina Sghir

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