Clashes between FARDC and M23 rebels continue in Masisi and Rutshuru

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Clashes between FARDC and M23 rebels continue in Masisi and Rutshuru

The M23 rebels have expanded into the Masisi and Rutshuru regions, leading to clashes between them and the FARDC. Reports suggest that the rebels invaded the Kilolirwe region, with the Wazalendo coalition of local militiamen contributing to the Kilolirwe front.

Local sources report that the M23 rebels are attempting to regain control of areas they previously lost under pressure from the Wazalendo. The FARDC aviation reportedly intervened while the Wazalendo fought on the ground, blocking the M23 from recovering new areas in preparation for an assault on Sake.

Further clashes between the Wazalendo and the M23 have been reported in the Bwito chiefdom in Rutshuru territory. The Wazalendo are keen to block any M23 advancement towards the Kivu mining company and strengthen their position in Masisi.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in new displacement of residents of the Bambo, Tongo and surrounding areas. The resumption of hostilities has resulted in at least six deaths and 18 injuries.

Isaac Kibira, the representative of the provincial authority in the Bwito chiefdom, has expressed his concern about the indiscriminate bombing and its potential impact on the population, particularly during the rainy season.


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