The New Television Season Program Lineup for ‘Tmazight’ Channel

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The ‘Tmazight’ channel’s new television season is a significant milestone in its commitment to becoming a channel that caters to all Moroccans. The channel has a new strategic focus, which aims to improve the quality and diversity of its program offerings while also reinforcing its local roots. Its goal is to play a unique role in promoting, nurturing, and disseminating Amazigh culture and language as integral components of Moroccan culture and civilization, which are shared by all Moroccans.

“Tmazight” channel launched its new program lineup for the 2023-2024 television season. This new program schedule embodies the channel’s response to the challenge of balancing its obligations, including establishing a balanced relationship between external and internal production and addressing the evolving expectations of its wide audience in the face of significant societal transformations.

At the forefront of the major programs that “Tmazight” viewers eagerly anticipate is the revamped artistic program, “Ayt Uzawan.” This program places a stronger emphasis on honoring pioneers in Amazigh music and song, acknowledging their contributions, and showing gratitude for their role. It features discussions with researchers and specialists, aligning with the channel’s commitment to preserving and celebrating traditional and contemporary Amazigh music and keeping track of the well-being of artists while staying updated on field developments.

In response to the viewers’ expectations regarding Amazigh cinema, and to celebrate Morocco’s rich heritage of Amazigh cinema, “Tmazight” will present the “Film Al-Thamina” program. This show allows audiences to explore and rediscover the treasures of Amazigh cinema through the screening of classic films, accompanied by critical discussions with experts. This new program lineup also includes a range of new drama series, serials, and comedy shows.

To further enhance the channel’s role in strengthening the cultural identity of Moroccans living abroad, addressing their current concerns in foreign countries, and involving them in national discussions, the new program schedule expands the “Inmuda” program, making it a monthly feature throughout the year. It also enriches the content and extends its duration to 52 minutes. Previously, “Inmuda” primarily focused on covering the summer holiday season and the issues related to Moroccan expatriates returning home.

In the realm of cultural and educational programs that delve into literature, the arts, exploration of the world, civilizations, lifestyles, history, and the humanities, “Tmazight” has incorporated unique productions into its program lineup. “Tifray,” for instance, transports viewers to the Rif region, delving into the daily lives of cultural and artistic figures, intellectuals, and researchers who have played pivotal roles in preserving Amazigh culture.

Another notable addition to the cultural lineup is the “Tikliwin” program, which profiles Moroccan figures from various fields, including culture, politics, the arts, sports, and economics. The show offers a comprehensive look at their journeys, from their upbringing to their roles in their respective domains.

Amazigh poetry takes center stage with the refreshed “Izuran,” which allows viewers to explore the forgotten gems of Amazigh poetry from across the Mediterranean region. It involves on-location visits and interviews with the poets to shed light on their work and bring their names back into the spotlight.

The documentary series “Imanaren” is another cultural and artistic program dedicated to integrating Amazigh creatives into the media landscape as pivotal players in promoting the Amazigh language and culture.

In the domains of news, services, and magazines, viewers can expect to see the flagship programs of the “Tmazight” channel. These include “Tariq al-Muwatina,” which directly engages with guests to discuss the latest social, economic, and political developments in Morocco. “Amkaus” will present new investigative features that delve deeper into diverse topics, while “Imnaden” focuses on the concerns of citizens and society, offering insights into daily life, social, economic, and living conditions.

The channel has extended the duration of its nightly news bulletin to 45 minutes, including segments that host officials and analysts in the studio. They have put special emphasis on keeping viewers informed about major national and international developments of strategic importance. Additionally, there is extensive coverage of sporting events across various fields and various local, continental, and international sports events, with a particular emphasis on football.

“Tmazight” continues to prioritize linguistic diversity with programs such as “Adwa’ Ala al-Amazighia,” presented in Arabic, and the programs “Torath Bladi” and “Haky al-Sinin.” Furthermore, the channel is actively developing language-learning programs aimed at various age groups through “Amiri,” as well as capsules and service-oriented and economic programs. It does not neglect the integration of the religious field into the media space, recognizing its fundamental role in preserving the nation’s characteristics and national constants through the “Ruh al-Islam” program.

Soukaina Sghir

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