The EU Establishes a Sanctions Framework Against the Junta

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The EU

The European Union (EU) is taking further steps towards a tougher stance against the military junta in Niger. European foreign ministers have confirmed the establishment of a sanctions framework against the junta in Niamey. Following general sanctions against the country, specific measures may now be implemented.

After the imposition of international sanctions against Niger, the EU may take further action in the coming weeks. The legal framework decided on this Monday paves the way for targeted sanctions against representatives of the junta or their supporters.

“Military coups come at a [financial] cost,” said the EU’s foreign policy chief, Joseph Borrel. Therefore, the EU could now hit the junta leaders in their wallets. The sanctions arsenal, which is yet to be finalized by a working group, may include freezing the assets of designated individuals, banning them from traveling to Europe or preventing them from receiving EU financial assistance.

The Council’s statement specifies that those subject to sanctions will be individuals who threaten peace in Niger, commit human rights violations, or undermine constitutional order. Currently, Brussels has not mentioned specific names or dates when it comes to imposing these sanctions. However, according to diplomatic sources, while the sanctions framework is close to being finalized by a working group, no measures will be taken before consulting with ECOWAS, which remains the primary interlocutor with Niamey during the crisis in Niger.

Soukaina Sghir

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