Investors Applaud Kigali-Muhanga Highway Project for Economic Potential

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Business operators in the Muhanga Region have welcomed the decisions made by the Council of Ministers during its third-quarter meeting, which included plans to upgrade the Kigali-Muhanga highway. This move is not only expected to boost economic activity but is also set to benefit the national currency.

The decision was announced in a communique from the Council of Ministers, presided over by the President of the Republic, Paul Kagame, during its third-quarter session. The Council endorsed a project aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the transportation network between the Republic of Rwanda and the Korea Import-Export Bank.

The project is directly linked to the expansion and improvement of the Kigali-Muhanga highway. Business owners in Muhanga believe that this development will stimulate economic growth and aid in currency stability.

Juvenal Kimonyo, the Head of the Private Sector Federation (PSF) in the Muhanga Region, expressed optimism about this project. He stated that the decisions made during the Council of Ministers’ meeting will lead to discussions among business leaders, with a potential impact on the road’s economic potential.

Kimonyo emphasized the necessity of efficient transportation and its role in alleviating the previous challenges experienced on the Kigali-Muhanga highway, which was often congested and resulted in service disruptions.

He explained, “Since the journey from Kigali to Muhanga has previously taken a considerable amount of time due to traffic congestion, and especially after traders faced difficulties transporting their goods, this development will be a significant boost.”

Kimonyo added that efficient transportation would facilitate improved business operations and ease the movement of goods and services, which is expected to benefit not only the Muhanga region but the entire nation.

Regarding trade, Muhanga is strategically located in the heart of the country, but it has often struggled with access issues. The Kigali-Muhanga route had become a bottleneck, causing delays and disruptions for traders and businesses.

Kimonyo underlined, “With the improved road network, traders can now transport their goods more efficiently, which will result in a shorter delivery time. This, in turn, will benefit both traders and consumers.”

Businesses that rely on the Kigali-Muhanga route to move goods, particularly vehicles that transport passengers and goods, also welcomed the decision. It is expected that the upgrade will enhance road safety and reduce congestion, resulting in fewer accidents and road closures.

The expansion of the Kigali-Muhanga highway is anticipated to be carried out in a way that separates lanes for different types of vehicles, improving traffic flow and safety measures.

This significant development is set to provide a boost to local businesses, particularly those involved in transportation and trade. The improvements are poised to enhance the economic landscape in Muhanga and beyond, fostering a more robust and efficient business environment.


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