Karamoja Region Crowns New King to Foster Unity and Growth

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Karamoja Region Crowns New King to Foster Unity and Growth

The historically absent monarchs Karamoja region has officially crowned Papaa Angasuban Adei Peter as its new King. This historic installation seeks to unite the community and promote economic growth in a region long plagued by cattle rustling. Senior elders from diverse communities across the Karamoja region gathered in Moroto to explain the rationale behind this unprecedented decision.

Ayen Jackson, the Abim district Coordinator, commented on the challenges affecting the region, primarily related to cattle-related conflicts and theft. These issues have impeded progress for years. The newly installed leadership is determined to address these challenges and has outlined its key priorities.

Lomeo Joseph, the new Minister of Agriculture & Pastoral Resources, emphasized their commitment to promoting commercialized agriculture and responsible cattle rearing. Elected leaders have pledged to work closely with the government to stimulate development in the region. Their focus is on economic growth, improved living conditions, and lasting peace.

To ensure effective governance, a well-structured cabinet has been established, comprising over twenty members responsible for coordinating district activities. The cabinet includes ministers overseeing various aspects of governance, a secretariat for administrative functions, and a finance department for fiscal matters.

The introduction of a king in the Karamoja region marks a pivotal step toward fostering unity and stability. The new leadership is poised to tackle longstanding challenges and drive development, aiming to empower the community for a brighter future.


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