Urgent Appeal to Governor Alia: Restore Withheld Salaries of BIPC Staff

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The employees of the Benue Investment and Property Company Limited (BIPC) have made a heartfelt appeal to Governor Hyacinth Alia, urging him to intervene and facilitate the resumption of their salary payments. These salaries were halted in May when the new administration took over governance in the state.

The workers have found themselves in an increasingly dire situation due to the non-payment of their salaries for the past five months, making it a challenge to provide for their families. Some of the employees, who spoke to the media in Makurdi on the condition of anonymity, expressed their frustration over the lack of communication and understanding regarding the salary delays.

One of the concerned staff members shared, “When Governor Alia took office, he promised to revitalize the Benue Civil Service and bring new life to the service, but it seems that the BIPC staff have been left out of this revitalization effort. Since the takeover in May, we have not received our salaries for five months. We were informed that our accounts were frozen.”

The staff’s plight has grown increasingly difficult, with many struggling to put food on their tables and meet the basic needs of their families. As one employee pointed out, “The hardship is becoming unbearable. There is no food in my house, and my children are going to bed hungry. It has been two weeks since we could not even afford soap for bathing, let alone food.”

The delayed salaries have also affected the education of their children, who were unable to resume school in September due to financial constraints. The recent removal of fuel subsidies by the federal government has further exacerbated their situation, as rising food prices have made it even more challenging to make ends meet.

The BIPC staff believe that Governor Alia may not be aware of their dire circumstances and are appealing to him to intervene and expedite the payment of their withheld salaries. They hope that their plea will help alleviate their financial burdens and ensure that their families’ basic needs are met during these challenging times.

Soukaina Sghir

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