National Assembly President Concerned About Pre-Election Climate

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National Assembly

The President of the National Assembly opened the second regular session of the year with a strong message to the 13 presidential candidates, the interim government, and the international community gathered for the occasion. As a member of the ruling party, the head of the lower house pointed to the extremely precarious situation in the country.

“Our country is in a state of distress, our people are suffering, and we are the cause of this failure,” declared Christine Razanamahasoa. “We are at an impasse, and the seeds of conflict continue to escalate.” The President of the National Assembly presented her institution as the legal and legitimate framework for finding a solution to the crisis.

Deputies from various political backgrounds applauded the President of the National Assembly, in stark contrast to the session’s tumultuous start, where opposition lawmakers, brandishing banners, demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Christian Ntsay.

A Reassuring Speech

Following the session, independent deputy Masy Goulamaly expressed her satisfaction with the President’s words, “This is what we’ve been waiting for! She spoke clearly and unequivocally, we must respect the Constitution. In a way, it’s a disapproval of what the current government is doing.”

The Need for Compromise

On the side of the ruling camp, more nuanced speeches are also beginning to emerge. CĂ©lestin Lovanirina Fiarovana, a member of the majority, emphasized, “She highlighted that democracy takes place in the lower house. Each institution plays its role. We can be a place for mediation, we are the representatives of the people.”

Others, such as deputy Paul Bert Rahasimanana, also elected from the ruling party, did not mince their words: “The current government is tainted, if not illegal. The assumption of power by my friend General Ravalomanana as President of the Senate is disputed. We cannot have normal elections in this situation. The only way to silence these individuals from the collective is to legally defeat them in the elections. And if we are strong since we are demonstrating our power everywhere, why not have a normal election? If we are confident in our strength, why venture into illegal actions like this? It is unacceptable.” The deputy called on both sides to make concessions.

As for the President of the National Assembly, she urged the international community to take action: “Diplomacy is no longer the answer, dear diplomats. Our respective responsibilities are at stake.”


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