City of Johannesburg’s Water Crisis Deepens Amid Political Inaction

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Water supply in the City of Johannesburg faces dire challenges as the municipality struggles to address its growing problems. Parts of the city’s residents have been forced to rely on water tankers, while taps in other areas have run dry.

Johannesburg Water attributed recent water shortages to increased consumption by residents. However, water specialist Anthony Turton identifies political instability as a main contributor to the city’s ongoing water issues.

Turton, a water expert, criticized the city’s political leadership, noting a lack of political will to expedite the development and maintenance of crucial water infrastructure, he expressed concerns about the weak, incompetent, and seemingly indifferent political leaders in the municipality, who have failed to address the escalating water crisis effectively.

According to Turton, Johannesburg Water is failing. “The Titanic has struck the iceberg, and regrettably, the ship is sinking,” he lamented.

Residents are facing a serious problem of inconsistent access to clean water. To make things worse, the Department of Water and Sanitation has raised concerns about the mismanagement of funds meant for municipal infrastructure development. This has created a state of uncertainty about the future of the city’s water crisis as it continues to worsen, with ongoing political inaction and financial constraints adding to the problem.


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