Democratic Party Congress in Parakou: Charting the Path to 2026 Elections

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Parakou, which is situated 450 kilometers north of Cotonou, is hosting the Democratic Party this weekend. The event’s focus will be on two critical topics – the upcoming 2026 general elections and the reorganization of the party’s leadership structure. The reformation process is spearheaded by former head of state, Boni Yayi.

The expectations are high, as 300 delegates are expected to gather in Parakou. A grand opening ceremony is also expected, which will attract thousands of fervent party supporters and distinguished guests from allied political factions. The theme chosen for this congress is “Reclaiming the Rule of Law,” which is a reference to the recurring criticism of the incumbent government by Democratic Party proponents. Undoubtedly, the conclusions and recommendations of this congress will reflect this sentiment.

Delegates will convene within the congress precincts to discuss proposed changes to the party’s statutes and carry out a major revamp of the current 89-member coordinating committee, which is headed by Eric Houndété. Reports that are yet to be confirmed indicate that there could be other potential candidates, including the highly respected honorary president, Boni Yayi.

Despite the general elections being more than two years away, the Democratic Party is already crafting its strategy to present itself as a beacon of hope and a source of solutions when the time is right.


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