Lagos Tanker Explosion Brought Under Control, Zero Casualties Reported

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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In an incident on the bridge connecting Ijora, Orile, and Costain areas of Lagos, the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service swiftly and effectively managed a dangerous tanker explosion. Remarkably, the incident resulted in no casualties. The General Manager of the service, Margaret Adeseye, confirmed the successful control of the fire in a recent statement.

The incident took place on Thursday night and affected a total of 11 vehicles. These included two tankers, a tipper truck, three trailers, three cars, and two micro-mini buses. The diligent efforts of the firefighting teams managed to curtail the raging fire, marking a crucial victory in preventing harm to individuals and property.

The cause of the incident is now under investigation, while the affected vehicles are being removed from the area. Although the incident caused substantial damage, the quick response and efficient firefighting efforts helped avert what could have been a disastrous outcome.

The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, in collaboration with other relevant authorities, remains committed to maintaining safety and security in the region. This incident serves as a testament to the importance of swift and effective emergency response.


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