King Mohammed VI Emphasizes Resilience and Unity in the Face of Adversity

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI stated that while earthquakes may cause destruction, the will to rebuild and reconstruct is even more powerful, he emphasized that despite the magnitude of the tragedy, what alleviates the pain and fosters a sense of pride is the genuine solidarity and spontaneous unity displayed by civil society and Moroccans, both within the nation and abroad, in support of their afflicted brethren.

During his address before the members of the Parliament, as he presided over the opening of the first session of the eleventh legislative year, the King praised the necessity of continuing assistance to affected families, expediting the rehabilitation and reconstruction of damaged areas, and providing essential services.

The king also commended the sacrifices made by the Royal Armed Forces, various security forces, government sectors, and local authorities to rescue and aid the residents of the affected regions.

Mohammed VI expressed his gratitude to the sisterly and friendly countries that showed solidarity with the Moroccan people and stood by their side during this painful time. He noted that the tragedy demonstrated the resilience of the Moroccan people, allowing the country to overcome challenges and crises, making them stronger and more determined to continue their path with confidence and optimism.

King Mohammed VI added in his speech that the noble values and spirit that flow through the veins of all Moroccans are the cornerstone of the unity and cohesion of Moroccan society. These values are national, enshrined in the Moroccan constitution, and encompass all aspects of the authentic Moroccan identity, in harmony with universal values.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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