Former U.S. President George W. Bush Weighs in on Gaza Crisis

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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George W

According to an Axius report, the former president of the United States underlined the possibility of the Israeli Army launching a second offensive on the ground in the Gaza Strip and other issues. The ex-president stated unequally that they stood with Israel in times of trouble; he argued that in cases where Israel needed backing, there should be no doubt.

Following this, President Bush categorized recently conducted rocket attacks as an unjustified act of terror who are ready to take away lives if they succeed in achieving their plans. He differentiated Hamas as a politically-driven organization not representing many others besides itself from mainstream Palestine.

George also educated the people that if Israel were under threat, it would be ready to act to protect itself. The president recognized the impending trials ahead and comprehended the seriousness of what lay ahead, as he communicated that the US would always have the back of Israel come what may.

Bush acknowledged that there were many complicated features of a possible invasion of Gaza and recognized the unprecedented challenges posed to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He stated that Israel is dealing with cool murderous people, and it is the prime minister’s cardinal duty to safeguard his country.

President Bush delivered a somber forecast about the near future, suggesting it might not be hopeful for Israel, especially when handling Hamas. As such, he argued that out of these two parties, one had a heavier responsibility, but it was not Israel.


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