Dr. Magudumana Collapses En Route to Court

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, who has been at the center of a high-profile case, was reportedly treated by paramedics today after collapsing while en route to the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court. She was scheduled to appear alongside her accomplice, the convicted killer Thabo Bester, facing charges linked to Bester’s audacious escape from the Mangaung Correctional Facility in May of the previous year.

The legal proceedings involve not only Magudumana and Bester but also 10 other individuals who are collectively facing a spectrum of charges including fraud, corruption, aiding and abetting a prisoner’s escape, and tampering with a corpse.

Magudumana’s legal representatives have confirmed that her health has been deteriorating since Tuesday, leading to her examination by a medical professional at Kroonstad Prison, where she is currently detained.

In a startling development, reports indicate that the convoy transporting Dr. Magudumana to court passed by the Park Road Police Station in Bloemfontein, where paramedics were called to attend to her after she collapsed. The exact nature of her medical condition remains undisclosed at this time.

Despite this unexpected episode, there is no indication as of now that Magudumana will miss her scheduled court appearance, which was set for Wednesday. All nine of her co-accused, who have been granted bail, were also present in court.

This latest twist in the ongoing legal saga adds further intrigue to a case that has already garnered significant public attention. As the proceedings unfold, the eyes of the public remain fixed on the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court, awaiting the next chapter in a complex legal narrative.


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