Rwanda: Suspected Genocidaire Pierre-Claver Karangwa Arrested in the Netherlands

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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In the Netherlands, Pierre-Claver Karangwa, a former Rwandan military officer, is suspected of playing a key role during the 1994 genocide. Rwandan authorities had requested his extradition, which was denied by the Netherlands. However, the Netherlands initiated an investigation, leading to the recent arrest of Pierre-Claver Karangwa.

The Dutch Supreme Court made a ruling in June 2023 to block the extradition of Pierre-Claver Karangwa, who is considered a political opponent. The court believed that extraditing him would go against the right to a fair trial. The government of Kigali had accused Karangwa of being involved in the 1994 massacre of 30,000 Tutsis at the Mugina parish and had requested his extradition since 2012. Despite having obtained Dutch citizenship and living in the Netherlands since 1998, Karangwa’s nationality was revoked by Dutch authorities last year, potentially allowing for extradition. However, the Supreme Court ultimately decided against it.

House Fire Incident

Now, it is the Dutch justice system that is conducting the investigation. Dutch prosecutors have stated that they suspect Pierre-Claver Karangwa of being involved in the burning of a house containing dozens of women and children following the attack on the Mugina parish. These suspicions led to his arrest. The Netherlands has previously tried and convicted other Rwandan genocide suspects under the principle of universal jurisdiction.


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