Morocco’s Ministry of Health Provides Assurance Regarding Bedbug Situation

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The Ministry of Health and Social Protection has announced that, in coordination with all relevant stakeholders, it has taken all appropriate measures to mitigate the risk of the entry and spread of bedbugs in the country.

The Ministry has emphasized the vigilance of the health sector in the kingdom, stating in a press release that, up to this point, there have been no exceptional reports of bedbug infestation within the national territory.

Furthermore, in addition to enhancing health control at borders and monitoring the health and environmental situation in areas affected by bedbug infestations, the Ministry has made available to citizens a set of recommendations and advice related to international travel. These guidelines can be accessed through the official portal of the Ministry and its social media pages. Additionally, the early event monitoring system is on alert for early detection of any unusual health incidents.

The Ministry has called on everyone not to be swayed by rumors that often circulate with such health warnings. Moreover, it urged against overestimating the health risks posed by the entry of these insects into the national territory.

Morocco’s Ministry of Health and Social Protection has reassured the general public, emphasizing the importance of avoiding the purchase of used mattresses, furniture, and clothing from countries with a known high prevalence of bedbugs. It also stressed its commitment to ongoing communication with the public, providing timely updates as necessary.


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