No French Military Base in Benin,” Government Denies

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Wilfried Léandre Houngbedji, the Deputy Secretary-General and spokesperson for the Benin government has denied information published by the Nigerien website Mourya Niger.

The Benin government issued a formal denial following reports from the Nigerien website Mourya Niger, which claimed that a French military base was in an “advanced construction phase” in the region.

“It is false information: there is no military base under construction in Benin, and there is no military agreement between Benin and France that would require a base to be established here,” stated Wilfried Léandre Houngbedji. “There are no plans to host a base or troops from any country. These are fabrications.”

Furthermore, the instructors deployed to Kandi in the north have completed their mission and left the country six months ago.


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