Morocco’s UN Ambassador Asserts Self-Rule Solution for the Moroccan Sahara

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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After the statements made by Morocco’s Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Omar Hilal, in which he emphasized during his address to the General Assembly that there is no alternative to self-rule for the Moroccan Sahara as a solution to this regional conflict, and shed light on the serious human rights violations in the “Tindouf” camps against detainees on Algerian soil, the separatist Polisario Front appeared in scattered attempts to salvage its reputation before the international community.

Hilal’s statements forced the Polisario Front out of its hiding and ignited anger among its leadership, including “Sidi Mohammed Omar,” who stated that “(Hilal’s statements) represent contempt for the intelligence of member states, as they contain lies and distortions regarding the Sahara issue, which has been on the General Assembly’s agenda and its institutions since 1963,” as he claimed.

The representative of the armed organization continued to disseminate falsehoods and malicious news, pointing out that the United Nations recognizes the “Sahrawi people’s” right and that Morocco “ignores international law and does not seek a peaceful and permanent solution,” a narrative they have consistently repeated to gain the sympathy of the international community, in the face of their growing weakness and the exposure of their deceptive tactics to the world, while the star of Moroccan diplomacy shines brighter than ever in resolving the manufactured conflict.

furthermore, Morocco’s Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Omar Hilal, stated in his address to the General Assembly that “the initiative of self-rule, within the framework of the territorial integrity of the Moroccan Kingdom and its national sovereignty, remains the only and unique solution to the manufactured regional conflict over the Moroccan Sahara,” noting that it “has the support of more than 100 countries from all corners of the world, and approximately 30 countries and regional organizations have opened general consulates in the cities of Laayoune and Dakhla, thereby confirming their full support for the Moroccan Sahara.”

Mouad Boudina

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