Rwanda: No Bail for Alleged Serial Killer Dennis Kazungu

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Dennis Kazungu

Dennis Kazungu, who was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of killing at least twelve people in Kigali, appeared before the Kicukiro District Court in the capital on Tuesday, September 26. This district is where he resided and where he is suspected of committing his crimes.

According to the president of the Kicukiro District Court, the severity of the crimes and the lack of remorse displayed by the suspect, despite pleading guilty, justify his detention until the start of the trial. This case has garnered significant attention in Rwanda, with a crowd gathering outside the courthouse gates to witness the defendant’s arrival. Dennis Kazungu remained composed in front of the cameras of numerous local journalists and bloggers, despite the presence and emotional cries of some relatives of the victims. Among them was Anastace Niyongira, whose 27-year-old niece, who had gone missing in June, is one of the presumed victims of the suspect.

The victims, primarily women, were sex workers according to investigators. The 34-year-old man would meet them in bars, lure them to his home, rob, rape, and murder them. Twelve bodies were discovered in a pit inside his kitchen, and two are still being sought by authorities based on information obtained during interrogations with the suspect.

“We hope that justice will be served publicly so that he cannot commit more crimes,” says Anastace Niyongira. “We would also like the authorities to continue their investigation wherever he has been, as there is a chance we are not the only victims.”

Dennis Kazungu is now to remain in detention for thirty days pending his trial. Before the judges, he claimed to have killed his victims because he believed they had infected him with HIV.

This chilling case has gripped Rwanda, shedding light on the brutal actions of a serial killer and sparking public demand for justice and further investigation into the suspect’s activities.

Soukaina Sghir

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