Guinean Youth Organizes and Establishes a National Council

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The National Youth Council of Guinea has been established with the aim of better representing the interests of Guinean youth and actively participating in decision-making processes in Guinea.

On Monday, September 25th, the presentation and installation ceremony of the newly elected members was presided over by Guinean Prime Minister Bernard Goumou. He was joined by several members of his government, including Lansana Béa Diallo, the Minister of Youth and Sports, who played a pivotal role in creating this structure.

In the hallowed halls of the National Assembly, hundreds of young Guineans gathered to witness the formation of this Council, which has been absent for over two decades due to a lack of political will to allow the youth to speak with one unified voice.

The newly elected president outlined the mission of the National Youth Council of Guinea: “The first objective is to create a synergy among youth organizations, to enhance the creativity of young people, optimize their potential for action and participation in development, and serve as an interface between youth organizations, the government, and international institutions addressing youth-related issues,” explained Abdoulaye Diané.

Prime Minister Bernard Goumou, who presided over the ceremony, urged young people to shoulder their responsibilities: “The CNJ Guinea will be an indispensable partner for our government and a major player in this change. Take your position at the forefront of our nation’s progress. Guinea’s problems are, first and foremost, yours. You should never be absent when formulating solutions for today and tomorrow,” emphasized Bernard Goumou.

The newly appointed leadership of the National Youth Council of Guinea, comprising nine members, has been elected for a three-year term, with the possibility of one renewal.


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