South African Police Warn Against Harboring Illegal Immigrants

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Law enforcement authorities in Kleinzee, Northern Cape, have recently conducted a crackdown on illegal mining activities resulting in the apprehension of 867 individuals. This operation has brought to light the persistent issue of illegal immigration in South Africa. The majority of those arrested were foreign nationals suspected of entering the country without the required documentation, which emphasizes the challenges associated with this ongoing problem.

Police Commissioner Koliswa Otola issued a stern warning to South Africans regarding the harboring of illegal immigrants, asserting that such actions constitute complicity in a criminal offense. Otola highlighted the fact that many illegal immigrants rely on the support of South African residents for shelter, implicating those who provide refuge to individuals without legal status.

“As a word of caution to all South Africans that are harboring illegal immigrants in their houses, we know the illegal immigrants don’t come here with houses, so they are harbored by South Africans. Those South Africans who are harboring illegal immigrants, we are coming for them because they are causing a problem for us,” declared Otola.


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