Benin: 33 Fatalities in Warehouse Fire Containing Illicit Fuel

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A warehouse containing adulterated fuel caught fire on Saturday morning in Semè Kraké, a town located on the border with Nigeria. The toll is devastating, with 33 reported casualties, according to the firefighters. Three injured individuals were evacuated for medical treatment.

A thick plume of smoke and raging flames filled the sky, casting a pall of horror over Semè-Kraké on the morning of Saturday, September 23, 2023. In this locality near the Nigerian border, a tragic incident involving contraband gasoline claimed the lives of dozens of people.

The fire, originating in a warehouse storing the highly flammable substance, engulfed everything in its path. The scenes of grieving communities, who managed to reach Banouto after the catastrophe, are heart-wrenching. The extent of both material damage and loss of human lives is truly staggering. Despite the arrival of firefighters at the scene in response to distress calls, their efforts proved futile in salvaging much from the devastation.

Soukaina Sghir

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