Top 10 African Countries Offering the Best Digital Quality of Life in 2023

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The 2023 edition of the Global Digital Quality of Life Index, compiled by the information technology company Surf Shark, highlights the African countries that provide the best digital quality of life to their citizens. This ranking takes into account various indicators, including the cost of internet access, connection quality, digital infrastructure, and electronic governance.

South Africa, Morocco, and Kenya are the countries that offer the best digital quality of life to their citizens in Africa. This revelation comes from the 2023 edition of the “Digital Quality of Life Index” (DQL), compiled by Surf Shark, an Amsterdam-based IT company.

Morocco has moved up one spot in the continental ranking compared to the previous edition. The top 10 also include Mauritius, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana, and Benin.

To create this annual ranking, the company evaluated 121 countries, including 25 African nations, using five main indicators, electronic security (cybersecurity and data management), internet access cost, connection quality, digital infrastructure, and electronic governance.

Fourteen sub-indicators, such as connection speed, mobile internet cost, and high-speed internet cost, were also considered. Data for these indicators was sourced from organizations like the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

When analyzing the continental performance by indicator, Morocco leads in electronic security, holding the 40th position globally (up from 42nd in 2022 and 87th in 2021). South Africa excels in online services and adaptability to Artificial Intelligence (AI), while Kenya takes the lead in digital infrastructure. Nigeria stands out in terms of connection quality, and Angola offers the most affordable internet access cost.

Globally, the ranking is dominated by France, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Luxembourg. The leading trio in Africa occupies the 72nd, 75th, and 76th positions, respectively.

This index sheds light on the African countries that are making significant strides in providing a high-quality digital environment for their citizens, reflecting the growing importance of digital access and infrastructure in today’s interconnected world.

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