Expert Insights: How to Help Our Children Face Natural Disasters

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In recent times, we have witnessed several disasters, with the most recent being the earthquake in Morocco and the hurricane in Libya. These events have resulted in significant material and human losses, but the psychological impact and cases of trauma left in their wake can be profound, especially for children.

Experts emphasize that guiding and educating children on how to cope with challenging circumstances like earthquakes and floods is crucial for their safety. Focusing on the positive aspects that can contribute to rebuilding their self-confidence, enhancing their resilience skills, and stress management is key.

Despite the depth of disasters and their difficulties, hope can be reignited in these children’s hearts. Psychologists affirm that guiding children and educating them on dealing with these challenging situations, along with highlighting the positive aspects, can help rebuild their trust and belief in a better future.

Directing children to understand what natural disasters are and how to respond to them, including incorporating this into school curricula, can greatly assist them and mitigate many risks.

Experts stress the importance of training children in safety measures, such as exiting damaged buildings or seeking safe locations during earthquakes and floods.

Parents must also enhance their children’s ability to cope with stress and trauma through psychological and social support.

Furthermore, proper upbringing and awareness can equip children to face these disasters more effectively. Experts advise the importance of collaboration between schools and parents to guide children in dealing with disasters and empower them to develop survival and recovery skills rapidly.


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