Exclusion of “Kiss” Scandal Heroine from Spain’s Women’s National Team

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The new head coach of the Spanish women’s national football team has announced the squad, including 15 players who were part of the World Cup-winning team. This decision was made despite the players not officially ending their boycott of the national team.

Notably absent from the list is Jenny Hermoso, known for the famous kiss incident that led to the resignation of former federation president Luis Rubiales.

The Spanish women’s national team coach, Montse Tomé, stated that she had spoken to Hermoso and decided not to include her in the squad as a means of protecting her.

The controversy surrounding the kiss incident resulted in an institutional crisis for Spanish football and ultimately led to Rubiales’ resignation.

Tomé explained, “Everyone expressed their support for Jenny and all the players. I believe this was the best way to protect her.”


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