Owner of Virgin Company Provides Assistance to Morocco’s Earthquake Victims

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The British entrepreneur behind Virgin Group, Richard Branson, recently embarked on a compassionate mission to the earthquake-ravaged regions of Morocco. His purpose: is to assess the aftermath of a devastating earthquake and extend a helping hand to the distressed communities in need.

Branson, a billionaire magnate with a reported net worth of approximately $3 billion, as per Forbes magazine, took to Instagram to chronicle his visit to Morocco’s quake-affected zone. Accompanied by a poignant message, his video conveyed the essence of his mission: “In Morocco, I had the privilege of meeting the resilient Amazigh tribes nestled in the lofty High Atlas Mountains, where I directly assisted those in dire need.”

His words resonated with the valor and fortitude displayed by the people who had weathered indescribable horrors. Branson also acknowledged the extraordinary endeavors of charitable organizations associated with his renowned brand, tirelessly working to aid the afflicted communities.

This humanitarian gesture reverberated across the digital landscape, amassing praise and admiration on social media platforms, both domestically and internationally. Followers marveled at Branson’s unassuming demeanor, as he ventured forth without hesitation to the afflicted areas, overseeing the equitable distribution of aid and personally consoling the victims.

Notably, Branson has a profound affection for Morocco, evident through his ownership of the illustrious Kasbah Tamadot in the region—a sanctuary that, fortunately, remained untouched by the seismic tremors, a fact reaffirmed by Branson himself.

The British tycoon has demonstrated his deep-rooted appreciation for Morocco on multiple occasions. He previously shared captivating snapshots of his escapades, riding the waves off the coast of Dakhla in southern Morocco. Additionally, he has been a prominent figure at various gatherings in support of women’s cooperatives nestled in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

In a parallel endeavor, the illustrious Congolese artist, Maitre Gims, assumed a pivotal role in orchestrating relief efforts for earthquake victims in the Ouarzazate region. His leadership facilitated the efficient distribution of vital assistance to the affected populace.

Furthermore, a multitude of Moroccan luminaries, including the likes of Karima Gouit and Don Bigg, embarked on journeys to the disaster-stricken locales. Their mission was to stand shoulder to shoulder with the affected populace, symbolizing unity and resilience, while simultaneously mobilizing resources and encouraging contributions—an inspiring manifestation of human compassion that has garnered acclaim and gratitude on a grand scale.


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