Doctors Without Borders Praises Moroccan Response to Earthquake Crisis

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Doctors without borders

Doctors Without Borders has commended the Moroccan authorities and international medical and humanitarian support teams for their swift response in the aftermath of the “Houz earthquake.”

According to the organization, there is a significant effort being made in the country to provide relief in the affected areas of the earthquake. They stated that they do not see any shortcomings in the medical and humanitarian response to the earthquake’s aftermath, with nearly all urgent and critical medical and humanitarian needs being met.

They also noted that hospitals are not overcrowded and are functioning well and efficiently, with an adequate number of healthcare providers. However, they acknowledged that the situation might vary from one area to another and depending on the size of healthcare facilities.

In their assessment, they visited the village of Amzmiz, near the epicenter of the earthquake, where a small clinic treated around 350 people. Additionally, 75 seriously injured individuals were transferred to Marrakech.

Doctors Without Borders praised the “significant work” carried out by the Moroccan Red Crescent and the Moroccan Army in recent days. They mentioned the distribution of water, food, and blankets to enable people to sleep outdoors, as well as the presence of many rescue workers in the devastated villages.

The international organization believes that more needs to be done in the field of mental health care for those affected by the earthquake.

Since last Saturday, Doctors Without Borders has been operating in Morocco with a team of approximately fifteen people. This team has assessed the situation in the Houz region and distributed medication in the villages of Amzmiz, Tahanout, and Tafankoult. They have also visited some remote villages in the Chichaoua region.


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