Hervé Renard Renews His Support for the Victims of the Al-Haouz Earthquake

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Hervé Renard

Hervé Renard, the former coach of the national team and the current coach of the French women’s national team, has once again expressed his unwavering solidarity with Morocco following the earthquake that struck the country last Friday.

In a statement to the French channel “Canal Football,” Renard said, “Our warm condolences go out to all the families of the victims, and unfortunately, there are still others for sure. There is significant solidarity with Morocco, this friendly and neighboring country.”

Renard added, “Morocco must be supported through any initiative, no matter what it may be. In the coming weeks, we will mobilize based on personal efforts to help these individuals overcome this painful incident.”

Continuing his statement, he said, “The international community, football institutions, including the French one, and players who play on French soil should all support Morocco because this is a catastrophe that has saddened us all.”

The former coach of the national team had previously responded to the incident on his personal Instagram account, writing, “I was deeply saddened when I learned of the ordeal that has befallen beautiful Morocco, and we support them in overcoming this difficult period.”


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