Algeria Offers Emergency Assistance Plan to Support Morocco After Severe Earthquake

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Algeria has announced an emergency plan to support Morocco in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck multiple regions in the country. These aids include a specialized team of 80 civil protection members. The team encompasses various specialties, including a technical squad for search and rescue operations under debris, a search and rescue team, and a medical team. Additionally, the plan includes providing initial humanitarian aid such as tents and mattresses.

In a symbolic gesture of solidarity, Algeria has also decided to open its airspace for the transportation of humanitarian aid to Morocco. The Algerian presidency issued a statement expressing its full readiness to provide humanitarian assistance and its commitment to meet all the material and human needs that the Moroccan people may require following this severe earthquake.

Following Algeria’s announcement of its intention to provide assistance to Morocco to cope with the consequences of the severe earthquake, it now awaits Morocco’s response, whether to accept this logistical and material assistance or decline it.

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