UK Ambassador: Learning English Attracts Thousands of Moroccan Youth

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Morocco, Simon Martin, highlighted the increasing interest of Moroccan youth in speaking and learning English, stating that it represents a significant development. He emphasized that this growing interest in English should not be seen as competition with other languages but rather as an opportunity for multiculturalism.

Ambassador Martin made these remarks during a meeting in Meknes organized by the “Yedna Fi Yed” Foundation for Sustainable Development in partnership with the “Gustave Eiffel” educational institution. The meeting focused on the prospects of Moroccan-British cultural partnership after the UK’s exit from the European Union.

In his address, Ambassador Martin discussed the historical ties between the United Kingdom and Morocco, dating back more than 800 years. He also noted that two years ago, both countries celebrated the 300th anniversary of their first treaty, which secured trade and travel freedoms, highlighting the importance of this historical connection.

Ambassador Martin further emphasized the rapid and enthusiastic collaboration between the UK and Morocco in various areas, particularly in education and learning.

Speaking to Hespress, the UK Ambassador underscored the significance of Moroccan youth’s interest in learning English and adopting aspects of the British educational system. He clarified that this growing demand for English language skills reflects Moroccan youth’s desire to explore global opportunities through English proficiency.

On the other hand, Mohammed Larouz, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Meknes, discussed the cultural and educational aspects of Moroccan-British partnership. He stressed the importance of strengthening cultural and educational cooperation between the two countries.

Larouz emphasized that Morocco could benefit from the educational expertise of its British partners, including supporting Moroccan students with scholarships to study in the UK. Additionally, he suggested the introduction of the British educational system into some Moroccan universities and schools.

During this meeting, a partnership agreement was signed between the “Gustave Eiffel” educational institution and the University of Oxford. This agreement was signed in the presence of the UK Ambassador, as well as the Director of the Regional Academy of Education and Training in the Fes-Meknes region.

As part of this collaboration, the University of Oxford awarded the “Gustave Eiffel” educational institution a certificate of quality, recognizing their efforts in English language education. Nick Shearcroft, a representative of the prestigious British university in Morocco, was also present at the ceremony.


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