DRC Calls for Accelerated Withdrawal of MONUSCO

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As the United Nations General Assembly approaches, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is requesting the United Nations Security Council to expedite the withdrawal of MONUSCO. In its correspondence, the Vice Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs emphasizes that the withdrawal was initially announced in 2018.

Through its resolution on March 27th, 2018, the UN Security Council outlined the commencement of MONUSCO’s withdrawal by 2024. The DRC now seeks to initiate the withdrawal of UN mission troops by the end of the current year.

In its communication, the Congolese Foreign Minister highlights the severity of the security crisis in the eastern part of the country and cites eighteen reasons why MONUSCO has lost credibility and the trust of the Congolese people. Christophe Lutundula writes that MONUSCO has become disqualified and, in the eyes of the Congolese population, is perceived as a problem to be resolved rather than a solution to the crisis.

The rejection of the UN mission by the Congolese people is particularly pronounced as the Nairobi and Luanda processes are blocked by Rwanda and M23, who refuse to comply with the demands of the international community.

Ending the Rwandan aggression and eradicating terrorist armed groups such as the M23 are, therefore, considered by Kinshasa as the current priority and urgency to restore peace in the East.

Soukaina Sghir

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