Triumphant Victory in Zikisso Municipal and Regional Elections

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Mayor Charles Abadi Miezan, the outgoing RHDP mayor of Zikisso commune, secured a sweeping 74.01% of the vote in the provisional results for the 2023 municipal elections in Zikisso, Lakota department. His closest competitor, Prof. Goba Zephirin of PPA-CI, garnered 25.36%, as reported by the local Independent Electoral Commission (CEI).

On the regional front, Minister Amédé Kouakou emerged triumphant with a commanding 71.13% of the vote, leaving behind Minister Lida Kouassi (PPA-CI) with 19.20% and Babli Dominique (PDCI-RDA) with 8.51% (provisional results per the local CEI).

The atmosphere in the headquarters of the re-elected Mayor Charles Abadi Miezan has been electric since the night of September 2nd, when the election results were announced. Thousands of supporters from across the Grand-ZIKI region converged in the city center to celebrate their resounding victory.

The festivities have included singing, dancing, whistles, and vibrant motorcade parades, creating an exhilarating ambiance in Zikisso.

Mayor Charles Abadi made a public appearance at 10:15 AM on Sunday before the ecstatic crowd, further elevating the celebratory spirit. He addressed the jubilant crowd with gratitude and a promise of development: “I want to express my deepest thanks. Thank you to the young boys and girls, thank you to our mothers and fathers, thank you to everyone who mobilized for this victory. I say ‘our victory’ because it is a victory for the Grand-ZIKI. It is a victory for development. With this victory, I understand that you have chosen development, and you will not be disappointed. I already announce that in two weeks, I will embark on a journey to bring back good news for you. We are together,” he proclaimed in a brief speech.

It’s worth noting that the alliance led by Charles Abadi Miezan and Minister Amédé Kouakou, highlighting their vision for the development of the Loh Djiboua Region, received overwhelming support from the Grand-ZIKI population, reaffirming their trust in the builders of the region’s development.

The elections proceeded peacefully, with no major incidents reported across the Grand-ZIKI. Currently, the region is filled with the joy of victory and celebration.


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